Fatty’s and Co

Black Lentil Strudel from Fatty’s

The worst pictures of the trip were taken here, at Fatty’s and Co in Pasadena. I had to battle the romatic low-light ambiance with nothing but a camera phone. My apologies.

First up was my meal, their Black Lentil Strudel: crispy wedges of strudel balanced on freshly steamed broccoli, surrounded by a nut based bechamel sauce. It was topped with a balsamic reduction and little purple flowers. The whole thing was delicious, and I nearly licked my plate clean.

Stewart ordered the Cacciatore:

I’m still uncertain as to what the little sand castle-like structure actually consisted of, but it seemed to be vegetables (specific, I know) that were tossed in a marinara sauce that Stewart was quite fond of.

The vegetables were surrounded by a barbeque sauce and wedges of zucchini. He said both parts of the meal were good on their own, but not mixed together.

We didn’t have room for dessert, but we ordered the Apple Pie A La Mode anyway:

It was a very decent specimen of apple pie. Delicious and served warm, but not by any means spectacular. The soy ice cream was standard, no surprises there either.

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