California Vegan

Orange Chicken Dinner Special from California Vegan

I got the Orange Chicken Dinner Special. I was really excited when the put it down in front of me. The orange chicken looked perfect – just the right color and an appetizing glaze. Upon tasting it, however, I was disappointed.

I’ve had a lot of meat analogues, but never I have I tasted one like this. The texture was fine, but it had a strange aftertaste. It wasn’t bad, but it was off-putting enough that I didn’t finish it.

The fried rice was decent but on the bland side, the salad was also decent with a pleasant peanut dressing, but the spring roll was by far the best part of the dish. It tasted vaguely crab-like (even though I think the last time I had crab was 15 years ago) and I wished I had more than one.

Stewart got a Chicken wrap which he didn’t like at all:

A side of perfectly executed french fires:

And we shared the Banana Spring Roll for Dessert:

The banana spring roll was tasty, if a bit oily. They lined won ton wrappers with shredded coconut and placed a whole banana inside, wrapped it up, deep fried it and served it with chocolate and cherry sauce. It was pretty good, but I ended up scraping out the coconut from the last piece because I’m a terrible dinner date.

Oh well!


  1. bis sop

    I went on sunset location with my girlfriend on her birthday.
    she is not a vegan but we go back there everyday.
    I’m so happy that she love vegan food.
    this place is the best thai vegan in town.

  2. e cigarette

    I think I LIVE for veg restaurants, so it comes as a surprise to me that I have not yet been to CA Vegan. Bummer! I’ll have to stop by when visiting my family in SoCal. The food looks absolutely scrumptious!

  3. Shannon

    I went to california vegan and ordered the orange chicken, i thought it was great! But i haven’t had much experience with vegan food.

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