The Martha Stewart Show!

I'm going to be on TV!

Martha Stewart has invited me to be a guest on her knitwear show on February 25th! I’ll be teaching how to make the decorations for the knit night cupcakes I made back in June.

I’m really excited (and really nervous!) but I’m sure it will be a blast. Don’t forget to tune in to the Martha Stewart Show at 10 am on Monday, February 25th!

I’ve got to get back to preparing for the show. I’m up to my eyebrows in marzipan! I leave for New York tomorrow, so there won’t be any blog updates until late this week. Wish me luck!


  1. Missy Kamyab

    My daughter and I were at the taping today–and we sat right next to your mom!!!! You did a terrific job, and your mom was so proud!
    We were so happy to see you! Good luck on all your endeavors!

  2. Delyla

    Lauren you rock! Mom said you did an AWESOME job at the taping, just like I knew you would! I can’t wait for the show to air!

  3. jd

    Oh. My. God. You’re going to be on Martha Stewart?!? That is SO cool!

    I’m definitely setting my TiVo up for that episode!

    Good luck, & if you start getting nervous, just remember that you have a ton of bloggers wishing you well!

    Have a wonderful time with Ms. Martha!

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  5. Katie

    Wow, congratulations! Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the show cause I’m in Australia and we always get them so much later – but if anyone can point me towards a clip or something, I’d love to check it out! :)

  6. Angela

    This is great. I really want to see it but am having trouble figuring out which channel/station and time it is airing. Through the Martha Stewart website it says that the show is airing on WNBC channel 4 in New York at 1pm. I’m wondering which channel it is supposed to be on at 10am as the blog says. Thanks so much for your help here. Also, if anyone knows how to stream this channel from a website that would be great for all of us who don’t own or have access to TVs at that time. Thanks again!

  7. Carol Nothrop

    Martha, I would love to have the pattern for the sweater you wore on the show of Feburary 25/08. It was a fabulous show but I fell in love with the sweater you had on. Thanks your friend Carol from Canada.

  8. Lucinda

    I just saw the show. You did a fantastic job! I love it when guests can stump Martha with their creative process. Great job having her think you knitted the marzipan to create the sweater! Congratulations!

  9. Susie K.

    Martha, I would love to have the pattern for the sweater you wore on the show of Feburary 25/08. I fell in love with the sweater you had on. I see there are other gals who liked the sweater as well. I especially liked it because it made you look very thin! And I need all the help I can get!
    Susie from Neshkoro, Wisconsin
    (I am sad cause Brett is leaving!)

  10. Susan Y.

    I am really delighted and excited. Over here in Nigeria, when we get inspired from a proffessional, its an honor.When i saw it, it blew me away i simply had my mouth open to this great piece.
    Keep it up cos its really an explosion

  11. katja gloverburts

    hi martha my grannie and watched you all the time . I toke care of my grannie until her passing. I got her our family home stand. on dec.13 2009 we had a electicial fire lost every thing. I’m writing to ask for your help. My papa build it jan. 1 1947. the wire was put in 1947. I’m asking for your help what to do to rebuild like it was before. I was my mother caretaker until her passing 1987. Then my papas and my grannie and my best frind martha 35 yrs. passed w/ bone cancer in sept. Our home was buildt out of rock. you ever visit you’d think you were in pardise. My grannie said it was god’s land we have a graveyard across the road. It sat on 5 acres. My papa deeded the graveyard back to the dead. So if you to poor bury you can be buried there . We are the care takers of it. The graveyard has 20 acres on it. I’m asking for your prayers and help. I live on disablityw/ my 13 yr old rearea. My husand on unemployment for 9 months. please martha I’m asking for your help. my home number is 254-639-3055 and my cell is 281-989-9635. I know you’re a wonderful person. I lost all your craft books and mags. and tapes of your show I taped. My grannie and I prayer everynite doing and you family. I went back out to the house and picked through rumble trying to find things that made it. Pictures are the hardest. The fire at 2:30 am my daughter and I almosted didn’t get out. My daughter lost her hamsters in their cages. all my grannie’s quilting patterns and quilts and crochet afgans I made. I made everyone’s christmas gifts and they were on the kitchen table. please martha I’m askimg for your help. also lost my quilting machine sewing machine all my disney classic vhs also. Thank you in gods prayers. katja

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