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Carnival Squash and Sprouts

Wow. There are 542 people in the running so far for free apple butter. I was only going to give away three jars (so that I could have some, and I could give some to my friends), but given the interest I’m going to give out my whole stockpile of jars so that as many people as possible can have a chance to win. So I’m upping the number of winners to six! I can’t wait to find out who will get them! There is still time to comment on that entry and win.

Speaking of free stuff!

Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch? I don’t, but if you do, you’re in luck. A really neat company called mediumbold has developed an iPhone application for VYY recipes! Now you can get all my recipes right on your phone, with photos, a powerful search function, and the ability to mark your favorite recipes to keep them handy. The application comes with the 70 most recent recipes I’ve posted, and will be updated shortly to contain every single recipe on the site. Check it out!

VeganYumYum Mobile – FREE and bee-you-tee-ful!

And hey, do you like I do!

Picture 5

I’ve written an article for Etsy! I’m their “featured buyer” for the Etsy Handmade Blog, so go check out some fun, unique, handmade goodies that I’ve found over on Etsy, and get a head start on your holiday shopping. Here’s one of the featured items:


My Article for the Handmade Blog.

So yeah! Neat, huh? I’ll be back early next week with a brand new recipe for you all, and the winners of the apple butter contest. Enjoy your weekend, and happy cooking!