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  1. gayXchange

    excellent blog love the pics look very nice. I was over at my mum’s the other week and I found a very old cooking book for cakes i can not find anywhere on the internet. it has a lovley recipie for lemon sponge. it was something like grandmas secert baking.

  2. Therese


    I did not find out how to comment on your post so I ask you here instead; I love your recipie of spicy lemon pepper pasta with broccoli! I am trying to inspire my friends to go vegan and would like to share this recipie on facebook. Would you mind if I translate it into Norwegian, change the unit of measurement to litres and decilitres and suggest some alternative ingrediences which is more easy accessible while linking to your blog?

    Thank you very much for posting and sharing your recipies! :-)

    Best regards Therese, vegan in Norway

  3. Patricias

    I posted this on your Facebook page as well – but thought it really belonged here :

    Was browsing through your book at a book store and could not put it down :) I love how every recipe is “presented” and how you included pictures for everything! Beautiful work! I had to buy it! :)

    Thank you !

  4. Leslie Royal

    I have recently started tiptoeing towards veganism and I started a blog about my journey. So glad I found you and your fabulous recipes. I can’t wait to try some of them. I’ll have to get your cookbook. Great website. Thanks for inspiring me to keep heading towards veganland.

  5. Ron Shelby

    Got the Yum Yum App on my iPhone. Finally decided try something and chose the Asparagus tart since its on sale this week. It was Fantastic. Made it for pinch and came back and made another for dinner. It was so good I went to Amazon and got your book to see what else I can try. Thanks!

  6. geoff wilson

    Fantasic, was thinking of getting the yum yum app also for the ipad when i get the time, I am now the orange supreme master.
    thank you Yum Yum looking forward to the next installment.

  7. claude

    Hi, i made some tangelo marmelade the other day but it failed miserably – or rather I failed at it! :o)
    Is it possible to reheat the marmelade to strain the undesirable bits and put it back into freshly sterilised jars. i can’t bar to see it wasted completely.
    can you help?

  8. Morganne Davenport

    Hey! I’m wanting to go vegan next year when I move out of my house, considering I’m only 17 with no job, this is a problem right now, but I’m def be going vegan once I can get into college. I’m been surrounded by meat-eating, chicken frying, a-dinner-isnt-dinner-without-meat kinda family for my entire life. And I have no idea how to transform my mind and life into a vegan lifestyle. If anyone has any tips, please reply to this. I’m sure a majority of people that visit this site are vegan. And I could use some help. :) Thanks!

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