The Martha Stewart Show!

I'm going to be on TV!

Martha Stewart has invited me to be a guest on her knitwear show on February 25th! I’ll be teaching how to make the decorations for the knit night cupcakes I made back in June.

I’m really excited (and really nervous!) but I’m sure it will be a blast. Don’t forget to tune in to the Martha Stewart Show at 10 am on Monday, February 25th!

I’ve got to get back to preparing for the show. I’m up to my eyebrows in marzipan! I leave for New York tomorrow, so there won’t be any blog updates until late this week. Wish me luck!


  1. Kim

    Wow! Congratulations. That is seriously amazing (but very well deserved!). If I had a TV, I’d be tuning in, but I’ll be wishing you the best of luck during your stay in NY!

  2. PV

    WOW!! This is really just flabbergasting news! And here I thought you were just our own little genius baker when you get snatched right up by Martha Stewart herself. ^__^ Phenomenal job!

  3. Jen

    How great! The most adorable vegan cupcakes ever on Martha Stewart? You rock :-) If anyone can hold their own with Martha, it’s you – you’re so very talented!

  4. Josiane

    Oh, that’s awesome! Congrats! And, most importantly: have fun!
    If ever your segment of the show is made available on the web, let us know, so that your fans from afar can watch it too!

  5. SusanV

    That is fantastic! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see it. If you get a chance, please send out a reminder that morning so that forgetful people like me will remember to turn on the TV.

  6. kelley

    congratulations! let us know when it’s on! i’m imagining martha saying “veganyumyum,” and hope you get the opportunity to let some people know what the heck a vegan is. (i’m not vegan, but veg-friendly.) have fun!

  7. jessica

    holy crap! martha! aack!
    i can only imagine the stress you must be feeling right now. just take a deep breath and think about all of us cheering you on from afar. we are all so very proud of our veganyumyum! woo-hoo!

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