Knit Night Cupcakes

Knit Night Cupcakes - Yarn Balls

A friend of mine is having a going away party tonight. She got a great job in NYC, and they want her there immediately! Good news for her, but bad news for us here in Boston!

The party is also a Knit Night, so I thought I’d bring some appropriately decorated cupcakes. This was my first time working with marzipan, and what fun it is! Like, four hours of fun.

Speaking of the party, I gotta go! Forgive my lack of words; I hope I can make up for it with the ridiculous amount of photos!

Knit Night Cupcakes

Knit Night Cupcakes - Frogged Project

Knit Night Cupcakes - UFO

Knit Night Cupcakes - Scarf

Knit Night Cupcakes

On February 25th, 2008 I was on the Martha Stewart Show showing Martha how to make these. Here’s the clip!

Photo tutorials here.


  1. Elisheva

    I saw you on the Martha show on Friday. I absolutely LOVED the knitted stuff. I’m going to make that birthday cake for the birthday oneg this Friday @ synagogue.
    We have a vegitarian there.
    How did you make the vegan cake underneath all that knitting???

  2. Elisheva

    P.S. Your YouTube vid was easier to play than the one on Martha’s website. Thanks for posting it!

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  4. Liége

    Hi, I’m brazilian and I’m so impressing with your cupcakes!!! Wow, I’ve never saw anything like that with marzipan. I’ll try (I say, try) to make them to my friends that love knitting… (sorry the mistakes, I don’t write in english frequently…)

  5. Hannah


    Could you please tell me how you make vegan marzipan? I thought traditional marzipan contained egg whites.


    I purchased marzipan for this project that was vegan, so I don’t yet have a recipe for homemade.


    golly i wanted to add a post and it took me 5 mins to scroll down to the bottom!!
    anyway i love the cupcakes and can’t believe they take 4hrs only to make!! :O LOL :D


    wow…i am literally lost for words!Your work is amazing and you have inspired me to make many cupcakes for a fete that i am baking for!!

  8. Ilene

    I would like to know when you will be having your next meeting.
    I , and a friend who lives in the area, Yorktown and PV, would like to attend, your next meeting.

    Thanx alot.


    Hi Ilene, I don’t have meetings… these were made for a party about a year ago. Sorry!

  9. Tina

    Hmm, wonder if you could do that with fondant? Those look *so* cool, but I hate marzipan. (Although, having never tried fondant, I couldn’t say whether I’d like it any better…)

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  14. Toni

    Super cute! My friends and I knit, and love that it can be incorporated into food somehow… especially dessert. Mmmmmm

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  16. Miriam H. López

    These are just incredible! If you did not provide that closeup, I would have thought they were a camera trick, which -of course- they are not, but they look so PERFECT and GORGEOUS they seem UNREAL!

  17. Linda

    I am a brand new Vegan (1 week) and feeling great. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Any of you from Long Island, NY? We live in Valley Stream

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  21. Mimi & Eric

    so great!! so beautiful!!
    We are in Taiwan, and we found your site minutes ago,
    Y O U A R E S O G R E A T !

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  23. lauren

    wow, martha is one tough broad! you did great though! i have been vegan for so long but this is the first time i’ve seen so much passion and love (and cute) baked into one little item. i want to make these for a bake sale for my textile club!

  24. Ramona

    These look to good to eat. You should make some out of polymer clay (FIMO) so you can keep them forever on your desk.

  25. Elisabeth

    Wow! These are absolutely amazing. And yes, I think, like Ramona, that making some out of FIMO would be a great idea. At least a second set.

    I was already amazed at the balls of yarn, and then I saw all the knits too! Edible art at its finest!

  26. Bronwyn Hughes

    The thought that goes into this is far more than anything else that is purchased to make a gift.

    People always remember when a gift or cake comes from the heart, and hours of prep have gone into it.

    And being vegan it inspires me to make more cupcakes with marzipan!

    Well done!

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