How to “Knit” Marzipan

Everyone is asking, so here are the tutorials!

How to Make a Marzipan Yarnball
How to Make a Marzipan Yarnball

How to Knit Marzipan


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  3. VeganPower

    I just test the pelotte wool is very easy, I loved to do !
    What a wonderful idea !
    I will try to put the picture of the result :)
    Thank you again for this great trick :)

  4. oliver

    Quelle bonne idée, tes gâteaux sont très joli!, et mois qui aime autant tricoter des chaussettes que faire des gâteaux je vais t’imiter. Je suis ravie quand je trouve des cuisinières imaginatives aux USA.

  5. zara

    Waaw, i am simply amazed!

    I am from Bulgaria and unfortunately, we don’t have these things.

    However, the wife of my bf’s brother is American and she is pretty much into these things, so i will as her!

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  10. jasmine

    The yarn ball was just soooo cool but, with the sewing how about doing real sewing ? the sewing you do is cool 2 though!

  11. jasmine

    mabye u could break it down into smaller steps ? and tell us what materials and ingredients you used. some one from malasyia wants to know then ingredents for marzipan mabye u could add that too. could you show us what the real cake lloks like finished mabye add that on to . by the way i do absulutely LOVE ur webite and ( u may think im weird) but I LOVE NON EDIBLE KNITTED CUP CAKES WITH SMILEY FACES! its how i came to find ur website can u tell me how 2 make them? ur biggest fan bell xxx

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