How to “Knit” Marzipan

Everyone is asking, so here are the tutorials!

How to Make a Marzipan Yarnball
How to Make a Marzipan Yarnball

How to Knit Marzipan


  1. Jessica

    Did you buy pre-made marzipan or make it yourself? Every recipe I’ve found has egg whites in it. :o(

    Also, any idea how long marzipan will keep for? Does it need to be refrigerated?

    Thanks for the tutorial! I can’t get enough of your website.

  2. Lolo

    Jessica – I used pre-made Odense brand marzipan. After I opened mine, I tightly wrapped it and refrigerated it. I used it again today, two days later, to make the tutorial. It seemed fine, but had dried out a little. I believe the box said it can be frozen. :)

  3. Emily

    Now that I’ve made knitted cupcakes I can move on to baked knitted goods. This is brilliant! And the fact that it’s vegan is a huge plus for me. :]

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  5. P

    These are the greatest effing things ever. I want to eat them and cuddle them all at once.
    Also: before I saw the tutorial, I was a little worried you might have actually knitted the marzipan and I am now relived that it wasn’t like that. lol.

  6. Tamara

    That is so sweet of you to share! I saw these cupcakes on flickr recently and was in total awe of your skills. ;-) Don’t think I’ll ever attempt it, but I love ogling your amazing creations!!! Glad I found your blog, I’ll be back.

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  8. Jeanette

    I was amazed enough to see, and taste those fabulous cupcakes live, but seeing all the work in this tutorial makes me appreciate them even more now.

    Thank you!

  9. Ellen

    Just gorgeous! You are amazingly talented!

    A question for ya:
    I’d love to post this on a blog I do for Lion Brand, but wanted to ask you first if I can use a photo too.


  10. Deb

    Brilliant! Do you happen to have a recipe for vegan marzipan — yes, I know you bought pre-made, but I’d like to try making it myself with agave nectar and almonds. Thanks!

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  12. Jan Miraglio

    I am not a vegan, but I do enjoy your website quite a bit. Thanks for the tutorial on knitting marzipan, I will certainly use it!

    Oh, and if the egg isn’t fertilized, it would never become a life. Does it then become ok for a vegan to eat? Dumb question I know, but I have always wondered.

  13. Linda

    you have such a stunning blog. thank you for the step-by-step… i sure need it ;) the cupcakes (your previous post) are simply gorgeous! such detail! I adore marzipan!!!

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  15. cheryl

    You, are so talented. and creative!! i would have never thought of this and it is so great!! I will try to do these amazing cupcakes just for me!!


  16. isela

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tutorials! I am going to make them this coming weekend. I am a total clutz in the kitchen but these are just too beautiful!

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  18. Cheryl Krementz

    Hi Lolo,
    Sorry for leaving this on your comments; I couldn’t find a separate e-mail address. I write for the trade publication Yarn Market News ( and we’re doing a pictorial spread on food and knitting. We would love to run some of your cupcake pictures. Would you be willing to allow this? Please let me know and we can work out the details. Thanks so much,
    Cheryl Krementz

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  20. Sandra

    How adorable! A lot of hard work but the results are incredible; congratulations on your dedication and talent.

    Please, would you consider allowing Fiber Femmes to re-publish your Knit Night Cupcakes and Marzipan how-to? Fiber Femmes celebrates, encourages, promotes and supports fiber folks the world over. and

    You’d retain all copyright and receive links to your blog/web sites, a business card advert and submit your bio.

    Please say “yes”; Leslie is the Publisher, I’m the Editor and, in case I’m out of town, Leslie is [email protected]

  21. Christina

    Those turned out soooo cute! If you plan on ever making a lot of these, I would buy some Fimo or Sculpey, make a texturing plate that looks like knitting, bake it, then use it to stamp the knitting right on your sweaters/scarves, whatever. You can also make the finished object with the clay instead of marzipan, bake it, mold some clay around it to make a negative mold, bake that one, then you’ll have an easy push mold. Look for clay crafter/jewelry crafter websites for tutorials. Nice work.

  22. OMG/WOW

    I’m definitely going to have to try this sometime. My local knitting shop, City Knitting ( , has late night yarnie parties every two weeks, and these will be perfect!

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