CSA Week Three

Here we are, week three of the Heirloom Harvest CSA. The first two weeks were really just kale and different lettuces due to the cool and rainy start to the season. This last week was hot and sunny and we were rewarded with some fun vegetables.

So what to make for dinner?

I wanted to use as much of the food in one meal as I possibly could. I steamed some brown rice as a base for the dish, but everything else came from the food harvested today. Well, except for the sauce, but that doesn’t count, right? I ended up lightly stir frying the green kale and cauliflower, topping it with a lemony nutritional yeast sauce, freshly shelled peas, and some chopped summer savory.

On the side we had a butterhead lettuce salad with nasturtiums, Stewart’s whole wheat croutons, and my sweet miso salad dressing. It was our first time having nasturtiums, and Stewart noticed that the stem is actually the most flavorful part of the flower; it’s peppery hot zing is a nice contrast to the soft, sweet petals.

And can I just say that fresh peas are amazing? They were so incredibly sweet, I didn’t even cook them. I love being able to eat vegetables raw without thinking, “Oh.. well, this is.. healthy..” I never knew how delightful peas can be.

The summer savory was also a treat. We don’t cook with fresh herbs nearly enough; it really added a nice depth of flavor to the sauce.

We still have a whole pile of greens and some radishes for the rest of the week. I believe the leftovers include 1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 bunch of red russian kale, one bag of tot soi, and a bunch of hakuri radishes.

Radishes. I don’t think I like radishes. Can someone help me out with some ideas to make them tasty?

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