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  1. Shan

    Incredible photos…you give marie claire’s cook books photography a run for thier money….
    Question…do you use an normal point and shoot camera? or an SLR ? or is it all in the lighting? Please enlighten me…

  2. Curtis

    Do you mind if I use your picture of the cut open blueberry muffin to promote a new shake that I made at the health food store that I work at. I want to call the shake, the Blueberry Muffin.

  3. Caroline

    How do I order you Knit Night Cupcakes with Marzipan frosting? Are they available to ship? Also are they available in Boston anywhere? Your food looks great. Good luck with the book. Best, C

  4. Emily

    I tried going vegan and I got bored with the foods I knew how to make, but I am so excited to try your recipes and hope to have better success with the whole vegan thing. They all look so yummy.

  5. Melanie

    My whole family is vegan and I love to cook/bake and decorate – I was looking for a cupcake with a dog done in frosting and found your website. It is awesome!! So excited, already e-mailed the site to vegan friends.

  6. Diana

    This is my first visit to your web site. It’s simply beautiful, informative and very very pleasing to the eye. Thank you for sharing something so wonderful and different!!

  7. Kathleen

    I cannot wait to try some of your recipes…especially the pancakes and donuts! Your photographs are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing so other vegans like myself (and maybe some non-vegans) can try!

  8. jeffrey

    I just came across your blog today. It’s inspired me to start cooking/baking again. I’ve been in a rut, but I can’t wait to make those donuts!!!!
    Thank you!

  9. Maryann

    I love your blog! The photos are fantastic and the recipes look delicious!
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderdul tips!
    I’ve been vegetarian for 16 years but I’m considering going vegan. Your blog will certainly help my transition.


  10. Beadmobile

    I think your site is fantastic! I am having a party on 8/8/08 to have some friends over to watch the Olympic opening festivities & I will attempt to make your napoleons – I love the idea of having cashews in the creme! Everything on your site looks so wonderful. I’m so happy I just stumbled on this site (I was googling baked doughnut recipes & found yours). I’m also anxious to try the cupcake in ice cream cone recipe! Wow! I wish you the best of luck on your cookbook!!

  11. Andrew


    Incredible blog, gorgeous pictures, tremendous! We were wondering if you could put a link on your blog to our site at it is a community for vegetarians and vegans who are gluten free. We would truly appreciate it! We’ll put a link to your blog in our links section as well. Thanks keep up the awesome work!!


  12. Maree

    Hi Lolo

    I wanted to say thank you for the food photography. I recently purchased a canon 400D with the romantic idea that I would pull it out of the packet and be taking wonderful photos in no time at all…well, I have been feeling pretty down and overwhelmed with the functions and my complete lack of skill! Of course it takes time, however reading your page about photography has inspired me and the ideas with backdrops and lighting are fantastic.

    So, again thank you, for the food and the help.

    From Maree in Australia :)

  13. Angela

    Hi LoLo,
    I stumbled accross this site from a cloth diapering site (not all just about CDing ) and anyway I am in awe. We have alot in common and I’d love to chit chat with you. I’m 90% vegan and have been for a couple yrs now before that was veg. I do eat eggs still. Pls contact me if you have a sec I’m just north of Boston in Beverly and would love to connect. Do you have a space or do you do all this out of home?congrats with all you’ve done and best wishes for all you do! Hope to hear from you.
    Angela :)

  14. freda

    Hi LoLo,

    I too stumbled upon this site because I was looking for won ton soup recipes. I was fascinated with your site and how visually artistic you are with your foods.

    I’ve been vegan/ vegetarian for 13 years. It’s really tough creating new ideas since we can’t get a lot of the food stuffs that are available everywhere else. I live in Manitoba…..

    I would love to join or register your website but do not know how to go about it. Please guide me; I am looking so forward to learning new ways to enhance our eating lifestyle, with your simplicity and wonderful tasting dishes. All the best,

  15. Colleen

    I have been looking for a great vegan/vegetarian recipe site and your blog is just what I am looking for. Beautiful recipes, not too complex, well explained… I live in Boston, too. That is awesome that you live here. I have been a vegetarian for 14 years and am trying to become vegan. Your blog shows it can be done and still eat well. Thanks!

  16. JB

    I found you through the iphone application for Vegan Yum Yum. Thnk you for such a great application and great website. You have infused my vegan diet with new life. All the best in the future.

  17. ellie

    hey, i just found this blog tonight and i am already hooked!
    i would love love love if you could do a how-to on canning (for the wonderful apple butter, for instance). and maybe some recipes with pomegranates?
    thanks! :)

  18. Janet in Cambridge

    I just read about your site on Meatout Mondays. Wow. It’s awesome and your recipes look delicious. Go Vegans!

  19. Nina

    Found your website when searching “poolish”. I was following a recipe from Crust and Crumb by Peter Reinhart and was uncertain just what “foamy and bubbly” meant…was my poolish foamy and bubbly ENOUGH? Well, now I know thanks to your beautiful photos! My poolish has a little ways to go yet, but there’s some focaccia on my horizon!

    Thanks for the great website and photos – I anticipate trying a couple of your recipes!

  20. Karla

    Hi Lolo!

    I know you have read it before but it is my turn to say it hehehehe.. I adore your blog I have been in here for at least two hours since I found it. I have been tryig to find a way to subscribe but can’t find it… can you pleeeeeease let me know if I can subscribe and how?

    Many hugs!

  21. fadi

    hello ,

    I love your site !! :-)

    I have a 100 vegan – eco-friendly site called Vegan Karma , and I was wondering if we could do a link exchange with your site ??

    we would put your link on our very busy HOMEPAGE , and in return you could put our logo/text link on your site ….

    let me know if you are interested ….

    thank you ,
    Fadi – vegan karma

  22. shreya

    I have been searching all over with no luck for a good susbtitue for egg whites in dishes like meringues or semifreddo.
    I have good success with egg replacer ifor whole eggs in lot of baking and mousse recipes. But I am not sure what to use for recipes that need ehipping of eg ehites for examplle, genoise cake. any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  24. Kristel

    wow! your blog is amazing! i just discovered it while doing a search for home-made veggie broth. i think i’m in love!

  25. Larry Hauser

    Hello Lolo (or is it Lauren?): Somehow, I came across your website: and spent some time going through it. You can do some pretty amazing stuff. I watched the video with Martha Stewart and your “craftmanship” with the pastries. I have a website: down here in Tampa and would like to have your permission to link your site in my “Links” section for my viewers. I have a restaurant listing down in St. Petersburg that is a Raw Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant: Leafy Green Cafe. You might want to touch base with the owner there, Denise Becknell, as the two of you seem to have quite a bit in common.

  26. Higgy

    Your site is definitly on my top favorite recipe sites. All your stuff looks so amazing and tastey I cant wait to try my hand at some of your ideas.
    I am in no way vegan (sorry I love my meats) but your dishes are very inspirational.

  27. Patrick

    Hi, LoLo,

    My name is Patrick, and I am from Tawian. Just found your blog with so many great recipes and information, I am wondering if I can have your permission to translate some of them into Chinese and post in my website, VegTomato,, to inspire people go veganism/vegetarianism? VegTomato is a non-profit and non-commerical website, and all of us are volunteers.

    I will link back to here and credit it to you!!

    Sincerely yours,


  28. Lindsay

    These photos are amazing and the food looks great! That’s so cool that you’re writing a cookbook…keep it up! I just saw “Julie and Julia,” and it made me want to stop college, create a blog, and become a famous writer (although I wouldn’t want to bone a duck….ever.) Congrats on all your hard work!

  29. Bronwyn Hughes

    I just wanted to look up cupcakes with marzipan and you came up!

    I am from Sydney and am full vegan. I really liked the creativity in the cupcakes, and your whole site consists of natural talent.

    I don’t believe you always need formal training.

    I like the photography. It’s clean and interesting, and you can tell you are vegan because your skin glows with supreme health.

    Well done and all the very best.

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