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  1. Susan Blossom

    Your food is so beautifully prepared and photographed! Do you do all the work or have minions like Martha? Do you share your recipes? Thanks for posting so many beautiful things!

  2. rav

    i love the food you cook. im so gonna try the tomato sandwich for my breakfst this weekend. LOVE IT!

    Cheers to You. You deserve it.


  3. courtney gorman

    i was given your website by a friend…beautiful food. i am trying to find a good doughnut recipe and saw your mini doughnuts…where can i get your recipe or and hear about it…is it cake or risen dough? i saw that some people got the recipe on flickr, but not sure how to find your recipes…can you advise!? and keep up the beautiful work! thanks, Courtney

  4. hanban.

    you truely are amazing!!

    i was reading a magazine today and i saw a short snippet about this great vegan website called veganyumyum and how they make really good knitted cupcakes.

    im so glad i found your website, thankyou soo much!

  5. Mimi

    First visit on this blog. Tried the crypie tofu (with sweet and sour sauce) It’s do die for. Even my son, who hates tofu with a passion liked it…We call it Tofu Tao.

  6. roberta Hurlburt

    Love you site aand the photography is beautiful……you have added a whole new demension to cooking and I could not be more proud of you…..and I get to be your Aunt Roberta….Love you x00x0x0

  7. Briget

    I agree with many other comments – the photography is beautiful and frequently makes my mouth water. I think the cherry lime pie is my favorite.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Larry

    Wow. I haven’t tried the recipes but the photography is sweet! So many other “healthy food” sites have shots that make the food look less than appetizing. And while that is more realistic in terms of what most of us produce and eat, I’m all for first-rate food styling and photography.

  9. Sandy Kaufman

    I don’t know how I got your website, but I was looking for a company that could make a vegan wedding cake and vegan desserts for our wedding party. Can you please let me know if you do any baking for weddings? Would I have to pick the food up from you or do you deliver? Please get back in touch with me. I live in Westchester County and am very close to Manhattan. Thank you very much!

  10. Louise

    oh sweet heavens, i just discovered your website through a swedish vegan foodblog, but this is …well, you’re in a league of your own!

  11. cate

    hi is there a similar site in Australia, looking for vegan supermarket/ restaurant on the gold coast, Queensland.

  12. SyL

    I found your blog when i browsed donut recipe (using donat maker). Awesome food photos ! Very inspiring food photos that you have here. And kiss your lovely cats for me. I have one at home too. Warmest regards from Hanoi, Vietnam.

  13. Kelly

    You’re an artist. The photographs are so beautiful but the great thing is they are not just technically perfect but the “mise en scene” is just breathtaking. Is your book already published? Merci beaucoup…

  14. Radha

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog, your food, and your pictures!!! The best part of it for me is that your food is Vegan, which I appreciate alot!!!!

    Bravo on giving up on your day job and focusing on your passions, I really commend you for that, I wish I have the courage to do the same, I love photography and I love food, so your blog is very inspiring for me in these respects!!!


  15. Megan

    I am so glad I found this blog. My husband has been a vegetarian for the past year and a half and I decided I am going to try it since we never eat meat at home anyway. These recipes are inspiring. I can’t wait to go home and try some recipes!

  16. Johanna Mead

    Your creativity in recipes and presentation is inspiring.
    I recently became a vegan (5 months) and I am encouraged by so much variety in what I can do.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    I want to buy your cook book when it is out.
    Congratulations you clever girl :o)

  17. Michelle

    I love your site, and your photos. Your kitties are adorable! I was wondering about the cookbook- did you get a chance to publish one? What’s it called? I’d like to check it out.

  18. Emily

    Your blog is so amazing- and inspirational! I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian, but these photos make me want to try all of these recipes! Any chance you got a chance to publish your cookbook? If so, what’s the title? I’d love to buy it!

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  20. eddy harding

    I can’t believe how professional and beautiful your site is – could you extend your expertiese to the UK?
    I fell upon you Googling the words ‘vegetarian stilton’…and though was dissapointed for finding nothing in the UK – found this lovelyness in the midst of dross!
    We offer some vegan hampers in the UK only http://www.ripegifts.co.uk/acatalog/VeganChristmasHamper.html
    but the freshness and beauty of your recipes eclipses our offerings.

    Well done! all the best

  21. Mike

    Love these pictures, they look so tasty. Loved your pancake stack, that’s how they should be stcked…high! Also, loved the blueberry waffles with lemon sauce….sounds like a great combination. You have good taste in food….yum-yum!

  22. RUSev

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  23. Caroline Glawe

    Great site! Thank you.
    I noticed that in some recipes you use puff pastry ~
    do you have one that is truly vegan or bend the rules a bit?

  24. Natalie

    I’m serious when i say you should win every vegan recipe site/cooking award ever. Your pictures and recipes are beautiful! I love to cook from your site on my ipod, it’s just so perfect:D

    Keep up the amazing work,

  25. shirley

    I stumbled on your site when I was looking for vegan dinners for my daughter who just resently movied home. She is a painter who never had time to paint becasue she was working 3 jobs in Gloucester to live, so I talked her into moving home to paint! But she is vegan and we are not so what to make for her??? Now I know. Can’t wait to try and make our own seitan then tackle some of your dishes. Thanks so much. Each dish is a work of art, so appealing to the eye. She is going to love your site too.

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  27. Emma D

    You looked so good on the Martha Stewart Show its not even funny! “You are sooo cheating” Well ,I just wanted to see “Vegan YUM-YUM” And tell Uncle Stewart I said I love him. I LOVE YOU TOO

  28. Anjalee

    I am hooked to your site. I found you from your Iphone ap, and ever since I first tried a few recipes I’ve been completely in love with them. I’m a vegetarian/ semi Vegan and I’m always looking for exciting things to try.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    Huge Thanks.

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