Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

I think we’re being taken over by fried green tomatoes. I’ve never had fried green tomatoes before. I went to the farmers market, and there was a lovely and beautiful looking pile of green tomatoes. I had to buy them. HAD TO.

So I get home and I ask my twitter pals if they’re interested in a FGT post. A lot of people responded they were, and then I was led to Susan’s latest post of baked green tomatoes. Then I found out my landlord made some for dinner that same night. At least two more people said they’ve been thinking of making them. Clearly this is a conspiracy.

A tasty conspiracy.

As I said earlier, I’ve never had fried green tomatoes. I love tomatoes, but only when cooked. The idea of eating under ripe tomatoes on purpose freaked me out a little. But then I thought, hey, these are fried? What could possibly taste bad after frying?

Green Tomatoes

When shopping for green tomatoes, it’s important to pick up under ripe, very firm, completely green tomatoes. They should be about the same size as a regular tomato. Smaller green tomatoes will taste bitter, and there are varieties of tomatoes (particularly heirloom varieties) that can be green and ripe at the same time, so make sure you don’t rely on color alone.

It’s a little disconcerting when you cut into a tomato and it sounds like a crisp apple, but that’s exactly what you want for this recipe.

After frying, they’re surprisingly tasty. They are sweet and tangy, still firm, and juicy–almost citrusy. The salty breading sets them off really nicely, and I topped them with a homemade balsamic glaze. They’re perfect for a light summer lunch or dinner when paired with some delicate baby greens, but they’re easy enough to make as a side dish.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Makes about 20 slices

4 Large, Under Ripe Green Tomatoes
Oil, for frying (peanut or canola)
Baby Greens, for serving
Cherry Tomatoes, for decoration
Balsamic Reduction (see recipe)

Breading Dry Mix
2 Cups Corn Flour/Meal
1/2 Cup All-Purpose Flour
1 Tbs plus 1 tsp Salt
1 Tbs Dried Italian Seasoning
1 tsp Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Breading Wet Mix
1 Tbs Ener-G Egg Replacer Powder
3 Tbs Boiling Water
1/2 Cup Non-Dairy Milk

Core the green tomatoes and slice in to 1/2″ slices. If desired, season each side lightly with salt and pepper.

Green Tomatoes

Lay tomato slices on paper towels and pat dry.

Mix together the dry seasoning mix and set aside.

Combine the boiling water and egg replacer powder and whisk until thick and foamy. Add to a separate large bowl. Whisk in the non-dairy milk until thick and frothy. Set aside. You should now have two bowls, one with the dry breading mix and one with the wet.

Heat a large cast-iron skillet until hot but not smoking with 1/4 to 1/2″ of oil in the bottom.

Dredge the tomato slices, four at a time, in the wet batter mix. Then place them into the bowl with the dry batter mix, pressing to make sure it sticks. Fry four at a time for 3 minutes a side, or until golden. Drain on paper towels.

Stack the fried green tomatoes on baby greens with sliced cherry tomatoes. Drizzle with balsamic reduction. Serve warm, while breading is still crispy.

Fried Green Tomatoes


  1. Claire G

    I’m filing this for next year! Texas’ tomato season ended a month ago, but we should have some beautiful green tomatoes by the end of April next year!

    I’ve never made them, but your pictures make them look too tasty to pass up.

  2. Rosey

    I just had fgt the other day… My boyfriend insisted on monday that we go to this restaurant to have them…

    Did not like. Those look a lot tastier, though.

  3. Powered by Tofu

    It’s still tomato season in Oregon, so I’ll have to give these a try! I added just a few green cherry tomatoes to a fresh tomato salad last week and it was great, but other than that I haven’t done much experimenting with green tomatoes.

  4. Mary-Kate

    These look fantastic! I agree that anything fried can’t taste bad! I’m going to give these a shot this weekend, hopefully they will look as good as yours!

  5. Josiane

    Sweet and tangy, almost citrusy? Your description makes it very clear: I need to try this!
    Thank you for trying fried green tomatoes despite your initial skepticism, and for blogging your recipe even though Susan blogged hers yesterday.

  6. meera

    Hey there,

    The reason fried green tomatoes are huge right now is probably because of the late blight that is affecting tomatoes worse than ever on the east coast. Tomatoes that are growing fine get infected wtih fungus and the whole plant goes down – so farmers are harvesting their unripe crop so as not to lose the whole thing.

    I’ve loved your blog for a long time! Best to you.

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  9. Joan Nova

    I’ve never made it either — and probably only ate it once before in a restaurant — but this looks delicious and you’ve piqued my interest. If I come across a green tomato, I’m going to try it.

  10. maserin

    Hey Lolo, thanks for posting on this! I’ve been wondering if you were going to do a post on FGT after the way you helped me out making these for my Superbowl party this year…

    Hooray, now I have a great excuse to try them again, this time the Lolo way! Glad to see you back…


  11. Sheri

    Unfortuantely, I have unable to find green tomatoes as I have had a taste for them for weeks. The only difference is that I use buttermilk for the wet ingredients, and you get a nice tangy flavor.

  12. Mary

    Wow, those sliced green tomatoes look delicious. I love sour! If I see green tomatoes at the market I’ll give your recipe (and SusanV’s) a try!

  13. Veronica

    I feel very, very tempted to try these! Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is of my top favorite novels, so making the real deal seems apt.

  14. Allie

    These look good! I’ve seen green tomatoes at the farmer’s market and never knew why someone would buy them. To ripen on the counter? No! To make fgt! Genius!

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  16. Julio

    Can you use tomatillos? Which are Mexican tomatoes that are green and never change color (though all tomatoes ARE Mexican). Or do they they have to be under-ripe red tomatoes?

  17. Lee Ann

    I just got your book and it’s beautiful.
    Now I have to decide what to make.
    There is so much to choose from so it’s a difficult decision.

  18. rhodeygirl

    Your blog is new to me, and all I can say is: WOW.

    I really look forward to following you! These fried green tomatoes look delicious- I especially enjoy the presentation! I bet they would taste even more amazing if paired with spicy arugula. yum.

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  20. Elle

    How gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to try these, and in fact, my husband and I were just talking about them. I really have no excuse now–it looks so easy!

  21. Lainie

    This looks SO GOOD – and your pictures are absolutely stunning. I have just recently discovered I like tomatoes, so this is going on my “to-make” list!!! thank you for sharing!

  22. Celina

    I’m SO hungry now! These look and sound delish, but alas…don’t think I’ll be able to find green tomatoes in Hawaii…
    Will have to save this recipe for when I visit the mainland…

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  24. tony

    it’s so good!! I put french extra virgin olive oil and the taste was amazing!! I found the cheapest one on
    All the products are French, it sounds good, right?

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  26. Bethany

    This doesn’t have to do with you post, but I saw your article in Vegetarian Times about the vegan doughnuts! Awesome, awesome! I am finally going to get that pan and start baking!

  27. Debra

    These look great. Remind me of one of my favorite movies Fried Green Tomatoes. I am so Kathy Bates character. WHat does she say “face it girls, I am older and have more insurance!” yep.

  28. lorrwill

    The pictures are truly drool worthy.

    There aren’t words for how jealous I am that you can buy green tomatoes at your market. I grew up on fried green tomatoes but now that I’m grown I have had no luck in keeping a steady seasonal supply. I have nowhere to grow my own and the folks that do won’t share for fear of food poisoning or something. gah!

  29. Rob

    I’m fairly simple. I just use flour with pepper and garlic. Slice into 1/8 inch slices and fry until golden brown. Eat em like chips. Love em. No need to core them or make special batters. I don’t believe in taking more time to prepare foods than they are gonna last on a plate. Heirllom tomatoes will work, but take longer to fry because they hold in much more juice.

  30. Sally Jamison

    Your recipe looks positively delicious! I make a pickled green tomatoe that is yummy. I was wondering if you could head me in the right direction. I live in Orange County, California and cannot find green tomatoes to buy anywhere! You wouldn’t know of an online site or have any idea where I could find some?

  31. molly

    i just bought your new cookbook yesterday :)
    I was hoping it would still include the jalapeno poppers recipe, since it doesn’t is there any chance you’d post the recipe??? Please, pretty please :)

  32. Giorgia

    just a few lines to say i’m so happy i’ve discovered this awesome blog! last night i was surfing through foodblogs searching for inspiration and then… here i am! pretty lucky!
    the style, accuracy and creativity of yours immediately knodem me down.
    i’ll be back here maaaaany times more :)

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