VegNews Nomination, and stuff!

Red Currants with Rosemary, Figs, and Peppercorns

The ever-awesome VegNews has nominated me for their 2008 VegNews Veggie Awards! Thanks, guys! Unlike the Bloggy Awards, the Veggie Awards are decided by readers.  That means you!

If you like VeganYumYum, go ahead and vote for me! If you complete at least 50% of the survey (read: you don’t have to take the whole thing to vote for me), you can be eligible for some awesome prizes, the grand prize being a NYC veggie getaway–including airfare!

So vote for me and possibly win cool prizes! Yay voting!

In other news, do you have Twitter? I do! If you’re wondering what I’m eating, or when I’m going to post my next update, or if you want to see sneak peeks of my upcoming posts, you should follow me on If you don’t want to join up for Twitter, you can always see my current status by checking the right-hand column of my website.

I’m going to get back to playing with these awesome red currants I picked up at Whole Foods the other day.  I’m thinking rosemary, figs, and black peppercorns as my flavor palate.   I don’t know, the final dish could be gross, but they sure do look pretty together, don’t they?

PS – You can grab the large or original size of this photo over on flickr if you’re looking for a new desktop background.   : )


  1. Joanna

    Ooooh pretty currants! I tried a fresh black currant at the farmers’ market a few weeks ago and I loved its tartness, can’t wait to see what you come up with for your red ones.

  2. DeirdreJean

    Good luck, girl! I voted for you, and make sure you vote for my friend Robert Cheeke in the vegan athlete category! :) Your blog is the best the smartest, yummiest, and cutest!

  3. Diane

    I am not vegan and I don’t get VegNews but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site and your recipes and your pictures and I totally did their whole entire survey and voted for you. Good luck!

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  5. e.

    I’ve been reading your blog for hours, literally, and I can’t even get half of the ingredients down here (down meaning south america).
    the photos are beautiful…

  6. Moleshiwe

    Hi, congradulation on the nomination. I visit your blog quite often and I look forward to new recipes from you. I really enjoy trying them out and the pictures are brilliant.

    I tried voting for you, but cant really coz I’m in South Africa and the quizz is about vegan places in America. You sure have my vote if they would allow international voters!!!

    Keep up the Good work

    Love and Blessings

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