The Martha Stewart Show

Here’s the clip for those who missed the show. Can you tell how nervous I was? Enjoy!


  1. Chris

    A vegan on Martha Stewart? What’s next, vegans on the Food Network?

    You totally rocked, did not seem nervous, and represented vegans well in a mainstream outlet. Nice work.

  2. Greengate

    Thank you Lolo for sharing your NYC/Martha Stewart Show experience with me. You deserve every kudo for your achievements. The Martha Stewart Show staff from the stage to the offices was professional, welcoming and supportive to the last person. I was thrilled to be in the audience, who loved you, and full of joy to see your success firsthand. Your vegan food is all so enticing and amazing. Your family supports every aspect of your work and your artistry. Keep it up. Love from Wisonsin.

  3. Evanna Murray

    You were a natural! You were calm and explained everything clearly and with humor. I’m so proud to be related to you.

  4. Judy Woods

    When I visited your lovely Washington Island, WI, last summer with your cousin Evanna, I was touched by how proud your mom was of you. Now I understand why. You were wonderful! I even think I could make a marzipan sweater. And you handled Martha like a pro. Great job!

  5. Erin

    Awesome work! I’ll be the first to say that you did seem slightly nervous, but who wouldn’t be? You were charming and Martha was so impressed with you. What’s going on with the book?

  6. Patti

    You were wonderful! Those knit night cupcakes were what led me to your blog the very first time all those months ago, and I’m glad to see you still being recognized for your talent and creativity. :)

  7. Jessica

    aww! Watching you make those actually made me think I could do them myself. You made it look super easy and way to get the word out about your vegan blog — what a great intro to veganism it is too!

  8. Mariell

    I´m so glad you posted the clip, I don´t know if it´s even possible to see it here in Norway. You were super cool! I always look forward to see what´s new on your website!

  9. Sarahthevegan

    Wow, SO exciting!! I absolutely adore your blog… THANK YOU, and thanks for representing veganism in such a positive way!!

  10. liz

    so how does it feel to show martha how to make something? she is like the queen of craft teaching! also it was really cool that you mentioned being vegan! :)

  11. Hippie Chick Bakery

    Hi Lauren!
    A bride came in raving about this blog, so I had to check it out – I didn’t realize it was you :)
    Awesome job! Can’t wait to see the cookbook (promise me you won’t open a bakery after that LOL)

  12. Judy

    I really feel like I could “knit” a sweater and scarf and make a ball of yarn myself for one of my own cakes. How clever you are to have figured it all out and how well you explained it to Martha and her viewers. Kudos!

  13. Angie

    Thank you so much for posting the video of your appearance. You did an excellent job. A picture is worth a thousand words. You looked great on the screen — I think foodtv should give you your own show.

  14. textual bulldog

    You did such a good job! I hope this brings lots more traffic to your blog, which will hopefully show people how easy and fabulous it is to be veg. So glad we have you and all your talentedness on our team!

  15. karrie

    Aww. I think the slight nerves made it charming. And somehow made Martha seem less brusque than she often does.

    I’m always so impressed with others’ creativity. I completely lack a crafty gene, so it is fun to see what those who are crafty can come up with.

  16. Marian Silvester

    Hello, Just wanted to say well done! You did great. I love your blog. I’m a long-term vegan who loves baking . . . and think I’m pretty good at it. Your website, descriptions, and photos . . . are so impressive, it makes me feel proud just to know you’re out there. I live in Scotland, and I refer everyone I know to your site – for inspiration, or even if they just need cheering up. Thank you.

  17. Mel

    Congrats on being on the show and doing so well! A little nerves makes you look human and puts you in touch with the audience. I think it was a great piece!

    Pity they didn’t mention your blog on air though!

  18. Angel

    Congratulations! I am glad that you are able to share your passion for food with all of America! :) However, I am disappointed about Martha’s snideness towards vegan food, her statement about the ease of your method of craft for the marzipan sweaters, and how she told the audience to go on her website in order to find your food blog url.

    It’s wonderful and relieving that there are still kind, thoughtful, and talented people like you in a country where mainstream media is cold, calculating, jealous and greedy. I am reminded of snow white and the evil queen. ;-)

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