Boston Vegetarian Festival

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I will be at the Boston Vegetarian Festival on October 20th, giving out free stuff! Come and say hello, and I’ll give you a FREE mini-cookbook which is 12 pages long and features three recipes from my upcoming book. There will also be free buttons and stickers for the masses. I’d love love love to meet you and give you fun, free stuff!

Look for me at/next to the Herbivore table! I will be the short-haired blonde woman looking slightly embarrassed and smiling nervously.

You should also come to the festival to get a copy of Isa and Terry’s new book, Veganomicon. I was a tester for this book, and it’s totally awesome. Everyone needs a copy of it. Last I checked, everyone includes you, so get your butt to the festival!

I really hope to see you there! It would be so neat to meet you.

Oh, I also just updated my About page–it now contains information about my book and links to other places on the internet that mention me, my recipes, or my book. That part is mostly for my mom, though. Have a good weekend!


  1. Josiane

    Oh, how I wish I could go! Have a great time!
    Thanks for the book recommendation: I’ll have to have a look at Veganomicon, ’cause I think you’re right, I may need a copy of it! I can’t wait to see yours also.

  2. the village vegan

    I wish I lived in Boston– I would totally go! Unfortunately Germany is a little far away. But I tested for you, so at least I know most of the secret recipes ;-) Have fun at the festival!

  3. VeggieGirl

    aaah, too bad I’m not in Boston anymore!! :0( I’ll be there in spirit :0)

    I’ve already pre-ordered your upcoming cookbook, and I can’t WAIT to receive it!! You’re so talented with cooking & baking, Lolo – such an inspiration!

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  5. Jessica

    I’ll be there! This will be my first veg festival since I just went veg this year. I will say hello if I see you! :)

  6. joshivore

    uh…the book can’t be pre-ordered for another week or so….unless i made a pre-order page and don’t remember doing it? this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

  7. pedromanuel

    estoy pensando en hacerme vegetariano vegano,pero no tengo muy claro cuáles son exactamente los alimentos que se deben de comer o no,ni de cómo hacer la transición…….Toro .Zamora.ESPAÑA.

  8. karrie

    I found you via one of those booklets. :-)

    My son swiped a booklet and a button while I was trying to buy a copy of Veganomicon, and simulatneously prevent him from wiping wads of bean dip on the Herbivore shirts.

  9. sarah

    I SAW you and took a booklet and it was exciting… but I wasn’t SURE it was you and was afraid of embarassing myself. sorry I didn’t say hi!

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