LiveJournal Feed

Hey! Did you know that I have a LJ feed for this blog? Neither did I! (Well, not until recently.) If you’d like to see updates on your LJ friend’s page, here is the link.

Thank you to whoever created this!

There will be a real, food-realated update later today!


  1. Julia

    I created it because I love your flog but am terrible at checking websites on my own. Plus, I love seeing the pictures of food on my friends list!

  2. becky

    just found your blog and have spent the last hour reading through it. so many new foods i can’t wait to try. thanks so much!

  3. Gabrielle

    I added the feed a couple days ago – I would have created it, but it was already created. I love reading feeds on my LJ friends page – in fact, it was someone on LJ that recommended your blog. Love it so far. :)

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