I have been so, so, SO sick ever since I returned from NYC. I caught the nastiest cold I’ve had in a long while. When I’m sick, I hardly eat. Once I start to get my appetite back, the last thing I want to do is cook. In fact, sitting on the couch and watching Star Trek (more on that in a moment) with my husband is about all I’m up to. That means the food I make needs to be easy, fast, light, and healthy.

Enter hasperat. My new favorite sandwich.

The Star Trek fans among you will recognize the dish. Hasperat is a spicy wrap, made with brine, that’s often talked about and enjoyed by inhabitants of the planet Bajor. That’s about all the information given about it. I’m sure you all think I’m crazy right about now. Who makes imaginary food from Sci-Fi television shows?

I guess I do?

I’ve only recently become a Star Trek fan, and ever since my husband and I started watching it, I thought it’d be really fun (if not hopelessly nerdy) to create some alien food. I’ve considered Vulcan Plomeek Soup, Klingon Gagh, and Cardassian Yamok Sauce over asparagus. When my husband came home from the store today with some tortillas, I knew that Bajoran Hasperat was the way to go.

Are you all still there, or have I… uh… alienated you?

Oh boy.

Better get on with the recipe, huh. I promise you’ll like this sandwich regardless of your feelings about space travel, dilithium crystals, warp core breeches, holosuites, phasers, or the Dominion.

Hasperat is supposed to be really spicy and salty. Those of you who don’t like eye-watering food can easily make the mild version of this (I just had it, and it was delicious), but the addition of horseradish flavored hummus, or tabasco sauce, would make a more authentic dish. Well, if a recipe I made up to resemble imaginary food eaten by imaginary aliens on an imaginary planet can be called “authentic”.

For Two

2 10″ Wheat Tortillas
1/2 Cup Hummus (Any flavor, plain or horseradish is nice)
1 Small Cucumber, sliced very thin (about 1/2 cup)
1 Carrot, shredded (about 1/3 cup)
1 1/2 Tbs Tamari (or regular soy sauce)
1 1/2 Tbs Rice Vinegar
Black Pepper
2 Small Handfuls Baby Spinach
Hot Chili Sauce/Tabasco, optional

HasperatUsing a mandoline, or your food processor, or a sharp knife, slice the cucumber very thinly and place in a large bowl. Add the carrot. Add tamari and rice vinegar and toss. Let marinate 5-10 minutes (or longer, if desired).

Warm your tortillas so they’re pliable. You can microwave them for a few seconds with a damp paper towel, heat them in a dry skillet, or (my favorite) hold them directly over the flame of your gas burning stove.

Spread the tortillas with hummus, 3-4 Tbs each, making sure you cover the entire surface. This will help the sandwich stick together. Arrange the cucumber slices in one layer, slightly overlapping. Add carrot, and sprinkle some fresh pepper over the top. Add a layer of baby spinach.

Roll up the wrap, tucking in the ends, and place on a hot grill pan to slightly warm and create pretty grill marks. You can do this in a regular pan if you don’t have a grill pan. Slice and eat immediately.

End transmission.


  1. x

    love your blog, i’m not even vegan/vegetarian, but everything looks/sounds delicious! i made this wrap with a few modifications recently, it was great, thanks!

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  3. Nic

    There is no better night than one spent eating snacks and watching Star Trek with your man, saying things like, “WOW, this is a really good one!” This is said about every episode. Usually about seven minutes in.

    Hummus would only add to the experience, so thank you.

  4. Katie

    I have to do a persuasive speech on Wednesday about following a low-fat diet, and I knew from the get-go I’d be doing hasperat for my example of low fat food. My recipe from my Star Trek cookbook substitutes cream cheese for hummus, I’m not sure my class would eat hummus, anyway. Wish me luck!

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  6. Cara

    I missed this recipe the first time round – it looks great – I’m going to try it tonight as, here in London, it is hot and my husband and I are both sick with colds too! Loving the Star Trek element. I used to watch Next Generation at boarding school (I got the whole common room to myself because it was far too geeky for everyone else). As it was shown over dinner time I’d eat instant noodles and a Toffee Crisp. Your recipe is lightyears more sophisticated! Thanks for sharing.

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  8. charmaine

    I’m running out of things to feed my picky, vegetarian, allergy ridden teen…THANK YOU! She’s kind of on the fence about hummus, but loves tortillas, carrots, cucumbers, and pickely things. This is so perfect :)

  9. Ed

    I just finished making this dish and added my own flair. I made a separate brine of fiinely chopped jalapenos marinated in Frank’s Red Hot. I also used President’s Choice Garlic Hummus to give it an extra tang. I decided to add a little extra crunch with some thinly sliced red peppers. A very good recipe, top marks. I will be serving plenty of this dish at my next house party. It is a Warrior’s meal!

  10. Hope

    I’m coming out of lurking moade, just this once, to say you are infinitely awesome. :D And this is an ingenious new type of sandwhich. I made my own with salsa and vegepate and apples and grilled it in my waffle iron, xD, and it is the best sandwhich I have ever had. Now I really need to get to the store and make it the proper way!

  11. Kate Fisher

    My husband has had a hopeless crush on Major Kira for years. I’ll make this for him and tell him to imagine he’s having llunch in the Replimat with her.
    Love the idea of vegan Star Trek food – but surely it’s not real gagh if it isn’t wriggling?

  12. Kim

    I’m not a fan of cucumbers, but I tried it anyway (it was good!). I enjoyed putting it together, mine looked almost as nice as yours! Thanks!

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  14. andrea

    i made this today and it was great! i didn’t have any cucumber so i used zucchini instead. I also used apple cider vinegar instead of rice vinegar and it was yum!

  15. Paul Doyle

    i have been looking for this recipe for a very long time. huge ST:TNG fan, from the very beginning.

    i wish i knew the ST:TNG episode where this food item was introduced. I think Ensign Ro was in it?

    Anyway, thanks for posting this, and i’m going to give this a try. Truth: i actually have to use reason to stop my mouth from watering.

  16. Reina

    Now that looks and sounds delicious. Always faniced trying that dish when I heard about it in the series, love spicy food.
    The episode it appeared in was Preemptive Strike, the penultimate episode of the Next Generation series.
    Maybe I’ll be able to make it with peppers and more spicy things.

  17. Lazy Smurf

    I made this last week, it was great! I rolled out a bratwurst sized chickpea cutlet and put it in the middle because it seemed like it would work well, I loved it!

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  20. meerkat

    I hope you make a Plomeek soup recipe! When my vegan mom and I went to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, we ate at Quark’s but we couldn’t have anything except drinks (or maybe salad if we had felt like grilling them on the dressing). What do you have for Vulcans? Any Vulcan food? –we asked the Ferengi waiter. Uhhhh, salad? was his response. Blargh.

  21. Sarah

    We made these for our Star Trek party, and instead of using horseradish hummous, we used regular hummous and added a strip of horseradish along the center of the tortilla, and then a few drops of Sriracha chili sauce. I LOVED these sandwiches so, so much. I could eat them daily. We have hummous sandwiches freqently, but I never was excited to eat them. Now I dream of them!

  22. peprtom

    This is going to seem like a dissertation on hasperat, I am a very big fan of star trek, being born in 1966, when it all started. I came up with the idea of doing a recipe book for the franchise, when I was young, and as the series continued and we were introduced to new series and new aliens and cultures, the list kept getting bigger and bigger, etc. I actually tried to replicate those gel food items from the
    original series, I was around 8, or 9, when I did this and it was a hit with the family, i.e. jello and fruit, but I used half the water. Sorry, I digress, Hasperat, as you know is a very spicy meal, and I will give you my 2 versions. The first will be the vegan version , for you, you start with green peppers , sliced 1 quarter inch thick, do the same to the red and yellow if you can get it, onion is optional. You split 50 – 50 your favorite italian dressing and half of your favorite hot sauce. You must be a 50 to 50 mix, thus the spicyness. Fry in a pan on low to med heat till you get your desired crispyness. warm your tortillos and spread softened philadelphia cream cheese over entire tortilla, pack with your goodies, and enjoy. I do one thing else, which is optional, I add lettuce done in a chiffanode style for filler. For the meat lovers version, it’s the same,except that you cook the meat in the first round, with the 50 to 50 mix of hot sauce and your fav itailian dressing. and then add the peppers, yada yada yada Please include me in your recipe book. I have quite a few.other ideas that may excite you.

  23. Chunks

    The prop food used for hasperat were actually flour tortillas, which were layered with cream cheese and filled with red and green peppers. The tortillas were rolled and sliced before being served.

    From: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Hasperat

    Doesn’t sound particularly briney or spicy. Unless you have your taste buds set to bland and you find peppers spicy.

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