Stuffed Banana Berry French Toast

Stuffed Banana Berry French Toast

Summer means lots and lots of berries. Stuffed banana berry french toast is a good way to use them! I’ve been thinking about stuffed french toast for a while now, and this is really a very simple, but supremely satisfying version. Most stuffed french toasts call for for a cream cheese filling, but why bother with that when you have perfectly ripe bananas and berries begging to be used? Topped with fresh strawberry orange sauce, maple syrup, and powdered sugar, and I certainly can’t refuse this breakfast.

This french toast recipe is going into the book/zine, so you’ll have to wait a bit for the recipe, but I think it’ll be worth it!

Stuffed Banana Berry French Toast


  1. greengate

    I am having withdrawal symptoms just from not looking at the stuffed French toast photo to type this. It’s a berry berry neat breakfast indeed!

  2. Debra

    How funny !! I made stuffed french toast for breakfast about a week and a half ago ! However, mine included fresh blackberries, tofutti cream cheese, and raspberry preserves.

  3. katie

    This looks so great! Sure missed you while you were in Belize! Oh how I can’t wait another minute for the cookzine!!!

  4. Lolo

    Thanks everyone!

    Stephanie – I think it will! Mash the bananas a little, the paste should help the two sides of the bread stick together.

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