Six Mushroom Ravioli

Musroom Ravioli before boiling

I started coming down with something yesterday, and today I awoke to a full-blown flu, right down to achy skin. I’m pretty useless (so useless I had toast for lunch, but for the record, it was really good toast) so today I’m going to treat you to a photo essay of sorts.

I made this ravioli about two years ago and found the images on a back-up hard drive recently. Unfortunately I didn’t seem to write down a recipe, but here are the steps in photos with as much commentary as I can squeeze out of my flu-addled brain.

Basic Dough
Here we have 100% durum semolina flour. It’s mixed with some salt and has some olive oil in the well.

Working the Dough
Slowly work the water into the dough with your fingers.

Dough after First Knead
Knead for a few minutes, but don’t stress about it. It won’t be pretty yet.

Dough Rising
Cover loosely with oiled saran wrap, then cover that with an inverted bowl to rest.

Dough after Rise and Second Kneading
The dough should be smooth and elastic after the second kneading.

Dough ready to Roll
Cut the dough in chunks and dust with flour, this will help you roll it out.

Rolling the Dough
You can certainly do this step by hand, but a pasta machine makes it fun and easy. Start with the largest setting.

Rolling the dough
Gradually decrease the width between the rollers to thin out the dough. When the dough becomes too long to work with, fold it in thirds to shorten it and continue rolling until it reaches the desired thickness.

6 Types of mushrooms
I used six types of mushrooms in this ravioli. Clicking on the photo will tell you what’s what.

Finely chopped mushrooms
Finely chopped in a food processor, this became the base for my filling.

Mushroom Ravioli Stuffing
Here I have two sheets of pasta side-by-side. I used my ravioli cutter (it looks like a cookie cutter with a wooden handle) to lightly mark the dough so I could see where to place the filling.

Mushroom Ravioli before cutting
Gently place the second sheet of dough on top of the filling, being careful not to rip it.

Mushroom Ravioli cut out
Center the filling in your cutter and press down on the dough to make individual raviolis.

Musroom Ravioli before boiling
Remove the excess dough, flour the ravioli, and let sit out to dry for a few minutes.

6 Mushroom Ravioli
Boil until they float in the water. Remove them gently with a slotted spoon and serve.


  1. B.A.D.

    These look amazing!
    I have to make pasta tomorow for cul tech, and I was wondering if you happen to have the ratio of water to flour?

    Thanks again these look great!

  2. Mushroom Matt

    This recipe is mouthwatering! I love mushrooms and having a SIX mushroom dish is just heaven. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    @Kimberlee – Typically, people hunt for morels but you can learn how to grow mushrooms and grow your own morel mushrooms! Or you can buy a morel mushroom grow kit.

  3. Sinead Hickey

    Hi there, Thank you so much for posting this 6 mushroom recipe. I was hoping you could tell me the flour to water ratio? That would be great, thanks!

  4. Nicole

    Since having vegan mushroom ravioli with almond Alfredo sauce at the Chicago Diner, I’ve been yearning for a homemade vegan ravioli recipe. This does the trick!

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