How to Slice a Mango

Sliced Mango

Mangos are fun to slice, because they end up looking like little mango hedgehogs. How can you not like a little mango hedgehog?


Start with a ripe mango. How to you tell if they’re ripe? As tempting as it may be to go after red and yellow ones, color isn’t always your best indicator. The mango should be slightly soft, fragrant, and heavy for its size. You don’t want a mushy mango, but you should be able to dent it with your thumb if you want to. Slightly firmer mangos are good, too, and hold up better in cooking. A mango will ripen on your counter, so don’t be a afraid to get one that’s a little underripe if that’s all that’s available. They’re sort of like avocados in that way.

Sliced MangoInside a mango is a flat, oblong pit. If you go to slice it down the middle you won’t be very happy. Instead, slice off the sides first. If you hit the pit, try to cut a curving arc around it. No biggie.

Now you should have two side slices and a thick center slice containing the pit. Slice off the other two sides, getting as close to the pit as you can withut hitting it. You can use a paring knife to slice off any remaining mango meat on the pit. This is nice to snack on while you’re cutting the rest of the mango.

Now, my favorite part!

Sliced Mango

With a small paring knife, slice the mango into cubes without cutting through the skin! The size doesn’t matter. I make mine pretty small, but you could do large chunks if you want. The key is not breaking the skin. If you’re careful, you should be able to feel the tip of the knife hit the skin while you’re making your slices.

Sliced Mango

Using your thumbs, press the mango inside out. Mango hedgehog! You can now break off little pieces with your fingers (or mouth) if you want. You can also use a knife and let the pieces fall into a bowl.

Sliced Mango

You should be able to slice off the pieces fairly easily. You don’t want to eat the skin, and you definitely don’t want to snack on so much of it there’s nothing left for your dinner/dessert/fruit salad.

Sliced Mango

You can do the same thing with the other smaller side pieces, they just don’t get quite so hedgehog-like. They’re still good though!


  1. kat

    This is hilarious, because I was cutting up a mango tonight and thinking, you know, I really don’t know how to do this without making a mess. I usually cut the same chunks off that you have, but peel it before, and it gets all slippery and unmanageable. I’ll have to try it this way next time, looks a lot easier :)

  2. Lolo

    Kat – that’s so weird. we must be on the same wavelength or something. :)

    Amey – I know! Aren’t they tasty!?

    Randi – You’re welcome! I’m glad you like them!

  3. vez

    mango hedgehogs! you rock!
    and yay for finally knowing the secret to not creating an undesired mango smoothie on the chopping board. ♥

  4. Cora Giglio

    Your site is wonderful! I’ll definitely use it as a resource. I hope things are going well for you. :)

  5. Pam

    My daugter and I love mangos. They are pretty messy to cut. I usually peel the skin first then cut it apart. My daughter would be eating the pieces as soon as they hit the plate, she didn’t leave me much. This seems alot easier. I’ll try it next time. Thanks.

  6. anna

    thank you – just yesterday I tried for the first time to slice a mango to make carmelized mangos. What a mess ! – I had no idea
    how to slice them – this sounds so easy.

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  8. Kathleen Olson

    Thanks so much! We learned a little late but it is good to know how to actually slice a mango. We made a mess trying to slice it for a fruit salad for the 4th.

  9. Jenny

    when i googled how to slice a mango, yours was the site i just happened to select. i’m glad it was! it’s one of the most fun kitchen how-tos i’ve read in some time!

  10. Meg

    Wow, Lolo! I made some mango-ginger tofu tonight and was dreading cutting the mangos, but I remembered this entry, despite not having seen it in ages. And it worked SO WELL! And it’s much less messy, too! Thank you for showing me the way! :D

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  12. Frenchi

    thanks so much for this.
    i always just try to cut it down the middle and then it sticks to the pit and i end up smashing the whole thing to bits.
    this has been really helpful.

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