Appetizers from Grasshopper
Assorted Appetizers
Vermicelli Rolls, Fried Wonton, Fried Dumplin, Fried Bean Cakes, and Fried Spring Rolls (bean cakes shown)

While it’s no San Francisco or New York, Boston does have a few vegan restaurants. One of the most popular is Grasshopper in Brighton. Today Stewart and I went there for lunch with Nikki of and her fiance, and Sarah from Sarah had been on the red eye all night from Las Vegas with vegan donuts for Nikki and me, so we figured we’d make a get-together out of it. But more about the donuts later!

Crispy Taro Nest
Assorted Vegitables, Vegi-Chicken, Beef, Seafood
Taro Nest from Grasshopper

Kale and Mushroom Delight (I think!):
A stir-fried combination of kale, white mushrooms, tofu, and veggie-beef gluten in a tangy ginger sauce.
Sarah's Meal from Grasshopper

Stir-Fried Chow Foon Noodles with Tofu
Mario's Meal from Grasshopper

Sauteed Kale with Black Mushrooms
Nikki's Meal from Grasshopper

The No Name
Battered gluten in a sweet and sour sauce served with assorted steamed vegetables and topped with sesame seeds.
No Name from Grasshopper

Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert! Strawberry Cheesecake from Grasshopper

Everything was great, but I can specifically speak for the No Name since that’s what I ordered. It’s sweet, sour and salty all at the same time, with a delightful crunch. The portions at Grasshopper are enormous, but no one in their right mind splits a dish to ensure leftovers. I can’t wait to heat mine up for a snack later tonight!

Oh, speaking of snacks, I also have a box full of vegan donuts direct from Ronald’s in Las Vegas, courtesy of Sarah. Thanks Sarah!!

Donuts from Ronald's


  1. bazu

    Everything looks excellent! I’ve often wished I could live in Boston, at least for a few years! (I’m too much of an itinerant to ever stay in one place for too long!) All the dishes seem so artfully presented. Wow.

  2. Debra (from crafster)

    OMG!! I’M sO JEALouS!!

    So sorry, but my inner brainless teen HAD to come out on this post. I’m so insanely jealous. First, Grasshopper…. no name ??! How excellent is THAT, also… I’ve tried the taro nest, and that is good too. The only thing that would have topped this off for me is if you had the sweet & sour sensation (basically the “no name” with tofu rather than seitan) pictured with a side of chili sauce.

    Next, I had the amazing opportunity of trying Ronald’s donuts while driving cross-country back to San Diego from Boston. My boyfriend and I ordered a dozen (for a mere $8) upon leaving Las Vegas and finished half of the box by the time we were in CA. I now make it mandatory for anyone of my friends who are making the 6-hour trip to Las Vegas for the weekend to return with a box for me!

    So again, super jealous because I have only had the pleasure of enjoying Grasshopper and Ronald’s in the same week, not in the same day!!

    … hey, grasshopper mails well in a box packed with dry ice, right? ;P

  3. Lolo

    Debra – It was such a good and fancy food day, I do admit. I’m lucky to have had someone offer to bring me donuts without any prompting! I’m definitely excited to have them again when I visit Las Vegas in the future.

    Thanks for commenting! I hope you get a donut or grashopper fix soon. :)

  4. Jessica

    Hi there! Just stumbled upon your amazing website and wanted to say how much I love it! I just recently converted to vegetarianism and I’m always in need for new recipes. Please don’t ever take this site down!

    Also, I am from Boston and I go to Grasshopper whenever I can. Sooo yummy.

  5. Theresa

    I hate to say it, but I can’t stand Grasshopper. I’ve eaten there a few times and I just don’t like the atmosphere and general dining crowd there. It’s too “Allston” (I can say that because I live here). I’ve heard horror stories of cockroaches at Grasshopper.

    I’d really really recommend Buddha’s Delight in Chinatown, if you haven’t been there. Buddha’s Delight sits nicely above Chinatown, has a massive menu, and is generally cheaper than Grasshopper. I believe all of the items are vegan, except for some of the dessert.

  6. noname

    Did your horror stories about cockroaches include vulnerable women screaming and standing on tables trying not to show their ankles? Or mutants with laser beams? Or were they blood-drinking vampire insects with nocturnal plans of global domination?

    Buddha’s delight is closed. And you think there are no cockroaches in Chinatown? HAH

    Your face is vegan.

  7. Kim

    I live in Brighton, and the first time I went to Grasshoppers I got the tofu chicken nuggets because I’ve never had tofu. My friend got the No-Name and I would not stop picking off of his plate.
    No-Name is soooo delicious.

  8. Vanessa

    Ronald’s donuts taste just like regular donuts! Once I started on my dozen I couldn’t stop! They are so addictive, which is bad because they may be vegan, but they are fried and sugary after all. Still, I urge everyone to try them at least once in their lifetime!

  9. Beth

    I live in the SF bay area, and used to live in Portland OR. If you think San Francisco is good for vegan food (Millennium is my all-time favorite restaurant) you really, really should go to Portland. That place is a vegan mecca. When we go to visit friends, we practically plan our whole visit around the many places to eat.

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