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Sticky Fingers Bakery

Selection from Sitcky Fingers Bakery

While in D.C., I forced my lovely host to take me to Sticky Fingers Bakery, a completely vegan bakery that I have been dreaming about for the last three years. It’s such a weird feeling to walk into a bakery and realize that I can have anything I want. My friends and I ordered four different things so I could try as many things as possible without being totally ridiculous.

The dark chocolate square of loveliness you see up there is a Little Devil: chocolate cake bisected by a sweet vanilla frosting, and topped off with a thin layer of chocolate ganache. It was good, but the cake part was a little dry.

The scone in the foreground was simply labeled as “scones” in the case, but after tasting it we realized that it was very much a cranberry orange scone. The orange flavor was wonderful, but unfortunately the texture was not up to par. My friend Katie tried to break the scone in pieces for us all to try, but ended up with a large pile of scone sand in front of her when it completely disintegrated.

We also took a gamble and ordered their breakfast sandwich. It’s an english muffin, a thin layer or a mustard-y nutritional yeast sauce, a couple veggie sausage patties and some material that vaguely looked like egg. It would have been better warmed, but it wasn’t bad. I think I liked it more than my counterparts, but then again, I haven’t had an egg or cheese or three years, and I haven’t had sausage for fourteen years. I’m used to the impostors.

The best thing we ordered, however, was a cinnamon bun.

Cinnamon Bun From Sticky Fingers Bakery

A fresh tray of these lovely things came out as we were deciding what to order. They were so light, so soft, so perfectly spiced. The only improvement I can think of would be a cream cheese frosting instead of a regular glaze, but that’s my own personal preference.

If you’re ever in Washington DC, stop by Sticky Fingers. It’s pretty tasty.


Tofu Scramble from Mani’s

Our meal at Mani’s in LA was by far the most disappointing. The service was very slow, the food sub par.

I ordered the tofu scramble which my waitress said, “was popular with the health types” when I asked about it. After a generous helping of salt it approached being edible. I’m sure the asparagus came from a bag in their freezer, and the fruit tasted like it came from a can. Next to my toast were several pats of butter, much to my dismay.

I know not everyone knows what “vegan” is, but if you’re going to offer specifically vegan things on your menu, labeled as such, it’s a nice touch to make sure the vegan plates don’t go out to the tables with butter on them. Thankfully they were in little foil wrappers so we could easily remove them from the plate, but it didn’t give us much confidence that butter, or other non-vegan things, weren’t used in the preparation of our meal.

Stewart’s meal wasn’t great either, the Vegan Wheat-Free Pancakes:

Perhaps the bakery section of Mani’s is good – they seemed to have a decent selection of vegan baked goods in their pastry case, but I wouldn’t recommend going there for a sit-down meal. The service was slow and the check was quite large, making the entire experience a bit of a let-down.