Kale Soup

Kale, Quinoa, and Lentil Soup

I made this soup last night, and I thought it was tasty and satisfying. I can imagine people who aren’t used to kale, quinoa, and tahini might need some easing into this one, but here you are nevertheless. Here’s the version I made:

Creamy Kale Soup
Serves 2-3 dinner sized portions

1/2 Cup Green Lentils
1/2 Cup Quinoa (I like to use half-and-half)
1/2 Medium Onion, finely chopped
4 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Small Bunch Kale
5 cups water

1 tsp Cumin, heaping
1/2 tsp Curry Powder
1 Veg Bullion Cbbe
3 Tbs Tahini
2-3 Tbs Tamari or Soy Sauce

Wash and de-stem kale (I use kitchen scissors to cut along the sides of the stems), tear the leaves into smallish pieces. Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat, and add quinoa and lentils. Sautee for a few minutes, add spices and kale. Mix well. Add water and bullion cube and bring to a boil. Cover and turn down heat to low. Simmer for 35-40 minutes.

Carefully blend the hot soup in a food processor or blender and return to pot. You can skip this step or blend only half of the soup if you want some texture, but I think it’s nicest smooth. Add tahini and tamari to taste.

To garnish, mix 1-2 Tbs of tahini with a small amount of water until it becomes smooth and bright. Drizzle on top of the soup and serve.


  1. Debra

    This recipe DOES sound good. I wonder how good it would be if spinach was used instead of kale, with the addition of cashews?? Mmm… time to go grocery shopping!

  2. bazu

    I’m intrigued by the idea of using quinoa as something other than a grain- if that makes sense! I think you just answered the “what’s for dinner” question for me!

    Would it be ok if I linked to your blog?

  3. Diann

    I made this soup tonight and it was wonderful! I added a 1/2 cup more lentils for a heartier version, as I’m on a soup diet at the moment. The touch of tahini is brilliant!

  4. Holly

    I was trying to find a good use for some kale that came my way, and after running around Google for a while I found this recipe. I made it today and it was absolutely gorgeous. It also got me to try cooking with quinoa for the first time which was fun. I will now be looking forward to my next encounter with kale!


  5. Anna

    Delicious soup! Thanks for the recipe. I was looking for something that combined kale and quinoa, and found this in a rather roundabout way (the photo is posted on Flickr). Anyway, just made it and I think I could live on it. I’ll be back for more recipes.

  6. Portia

    When do you add the onion? I sauteed it first, before adding the lentils and quinoa. Is that right? Thanks!

  7. BethanyA

    I made this today, but instead of lentils I used dried green split peas, doubled the cooking time and add 2 cups of water, it was totally delicious, my vegan hating parents loved it too :)

  8. BethanyA

    Also didn’t use any tahini? and the onion I added with the kale and it turned out okay without sauteeing. AMAZING recipe

  9. Sara

    This is my favorite soup. I found the recipe two months ago and I’ve made it almost every day since without getting sick of it.

    I’ve used spinach instead. It’s good but I still prefer the kale. I’ve also added split peas, millet and buckwheat based on what I’ve had in the kitchen. My favorite addition to this recipe is a sweet potato. It’s perfect.

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  11. amanda

    I LOVE this soup. It’s been declared my boyfriend’s favorite soup of all time too. Thanks so much for this recipe! It’s the bees knees with some crusty bread and a wee salad!

  12. faren

    Tried it! Totally yum! And not hard to throw together either =) Thanks so much for sharing!

    My husband’s a little conservative/pickier though– so he was neither here nor there about it, but the fact that he ate it was a big plus!

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  14. Jason Halbauer

    A favourite! I make this whenever I can and I allllways look forward to it. Simple, cheap and very satisfying.

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