Eggplant Spinach Rollatini

Eggplant Spinach Rollatini

This is another test recipe for the Post Punk Kitchen’s forthcoming cookbook, Veganomicon. Her first book, Vegan with a Vengeance, is my all-time favorite cookbook. I can tell you honestly that this one will be every bit as useful, dependable, and amazing as the first. I swear they’re not paying me to promote the books. They’re just all so great!

Eggplant Spinach Rollatini, pre-bakeThis recipe, man, I can’t even tell you how much I liked it. It’s basically breaded, fried eggplant, stuffed with tastiness and tofu ricotta, then smothered with a delicious marinara sauce. I’d buy the cookbook for this recipe alone.

I know there are a lot of people who dislike eggplant, but I wonder how many of them have tried it fried or baked with olive oil. Eggplant really takse on a different character when cooked this way – it’s really quite divine. It’s buttery, soft, almost creamy, but it does take a lot of oil to get it that way. I think it’s worth it.

I’ve been making some other test recipes that I haven’t told you about yet. Here is a dessert and a quick bread:

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  1. Melody

    wow, those eggplant rollatinis looks to die for.. not only the prodcut, the the photo as well. I adore eggplant.. and I can’t wait until her new book comes out.

  2. Emily

    Yum. Everything looks delicious. I still haven’t picked up VWAV, but seeing these means I have to get through the first book, before the second is released =)-

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