Kohlrabi Waldorf Salad

Kohlrabi Waldorf Salad

Of all the winter vegetables I purchased, I decided to try the kohlrabi first. I kept on reading about people generally ate it raw. I’d glance at it and think, You? People eat you raw? Really?

I sliced off the ends and took off the tough skin. It seems I bought one larger than the ideal size, and therefore it was a bit tough. If you’ve never bought at kohlrabi, it’s suggested to select one no larger two and a half inches in diameter. Apparently you can eat the skin if you find one tender enough.

I had read that kohlrabi is actually a cabbage, and people reported the flavor to be anything from broccoli stems to turnips to apples. I found the flavor to be very mild, with the slightly sweet nuttiness of, here’s a surprise: cabbage. I was pleased with it actually. I put it through my food processor with a shredding disc, and found myself snacking on the pieces while I was preparing dinner. Kohlrabi is tasty! It’s so mild, it’s hard to imagine someone actively not liking it.

My plan for it suddenly materialized; I wanted to make a salad with granny smith apples, and a light, creamy dressing. Why not a waldorf salad?

This salad has just a touch of the dressing on it, much less than I’ve seen on real waldorf salads. I didn’t want to overwhelm the delicate kohlrabi, and I also didn’t want the dressing to scream HI, I’M MADE OF SOY MAYONNAISE!

Kohlrabi Waldorf
Makes four small side salads

1 Medium Kohlrabi, shredded
1 Medium Granny Smith Apple, shredded
1/2 Cup Raisins, plumped
1/2 Cup Pecans (or walnuts if you’re feeling traditional)

3 Tbs Soy Mayo
1 Tbs Lemon Juice
2-3 tsp Sugar (to taste)
1/2 tsp Salt

Note: If you do not have a food processor, a hand grater or mandolin will also work. You just want to get the kohlrabi and apple sliced in thin strips, and it’d be a pain in the butt with a knife. Feel free to have a go at it that way, though. Directions here are for a food processor with a shredding disc.

Mix all of the dressing ingredients together, refrigerate. Place raisins in a small sauce pan, covered with water. Bring water to simmer and remove from heat. Let raisins sit in hot water to plump, about 15 minutes.

Trim the ends off the kohlrabi. If it’s tender, feel free to leave the skin on. If not, slice it off with a sharp knife. Cut into quarter inch thick slices. Trim the slices to they are narrow enough to fit in the feed tube of your food processor. Process the kohlrabi with the larger side of your shredding disc.

Repeat the process for the apple, leaving the skin on. Mix the apple and kohlrabi in a large bowl. Add raisins and toss with dressing. I used only 2 tbs of dressing, but the recipe makes more should you desire it. Salad may be refrigerated until serving – the dressing should keep the apples from turning brown.


  1. Lolo (VeganYumYum)

    Thanks Rachel – it was definitely a good intro to kohlrabi recipe. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do!

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