Mushroom Risotto at the Horse and Plough

Mushroom Risotto from the Horse and Plough

So here I am in freezing, sleeting Wisconsin. I called ahead to the little restaurant downstairs to ask if their “hamburger and steak” pub could whip up something vegan for me. They not only said yes, but they offered to have the chef call me! I said there wouldn’t be a need for that, that I’d be happy for them to just make something, anything, that was vegan.

When we sat down the server told me that they had already started making risotto for me! Out of all things, risotto? Like I haven’t been making that enough lately. But I was still excited not to be getting a salad.

It ended up being pretty good! I had a nice black pepper zing and fresh thyme and little bits of tomato. Not bad for a pub! I’d like to think they had fun making it as opposed to me being a pain in the ass for them. Tomorrow night is the “fancy” dinner, so we’ll see what they make me. If the causal dinner was this nice, I have high hopes for the fancy one. Way to go, Horse and Plough!


  1. mikaela

    I have found that asking for vegan dishes produces some of the most delightful results. I think that maybe the chefs of the world appreciate the challenge :)

  2. Amey

    How sweet is that!?
    It’s so cool that they seemed so excited about making you something yummy and hearty AND vegan. That’s neat.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that chefs are really excited about the idea of getting to create some thing new and challenging (rather than just the same old entrees on the menu over and over again).

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