Super Chili


I love this chili recipe. I find most vegan chilies to be too tomato-y, or too stew-like, or too bean-ish, or too something for my apparent picky taste buds. This chili, on the other hand, means business.

If you want to follow the recipe, you might have to go out and buy some stuff you don’t normally keep in your kitchen. There are some pretty fun ingredients in here that I think are worth a try. Since they keep well and aren’t too expensive, there’s no reason not to, right? I’ve linked the ingredient list to pictures of the products so you can more easily pick them out at the grocery store. I get all of these things at Whole Foods:

1/2 Onion, Minced
2 Cups carrots, roughly chopped (about 3-4 carrots)
1 Package Yve’s Good Ground
3 Cans of Chili Beans (or 1 can of each: pinto, kidney, black)
1 Can Tomatoes
1/4 – 1 Chipotle Pepper in Adobo, MINCED (according to heat desired)
1/2 Bullion Cube
5 Tbs Low Sodium Tamari
2 Tbs
Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 Capful Liquid Smoke
2 Tbs Jerk Sauce
1 – 2 Tbs Molasses
2 Tbs Earth Balance
1/2 Vegetable Stock (optional)

Spice Mix:
2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Coriander
1 tsp Sage
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Parsley

Sauté onions slowly with olive oil in a heavy cast iron or stock pot until brown and caramelized. Add carrots and cook until the carrots begin to turn the oil orange. Add spice mix and stir for 1 minute.

Add tomatoes to pot and bring to a simmer. Open the cans of beans and drain most of the way, but not completely. Add the semi-drained beans and Good Ground to pot and stir.

Add all remaining ingredients except vegetable stock, mix well. If the chili is too thick for your taste, add stock or water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Cover chili and simmer, stirring occasionally (it will stick to the bottom if you forget to stir!) until carrots are cooked and spices have blended, about 15-20 minutes. My little note card reads “cook covered until carrots are soft and it looks like yummy.” You be the judge.

Serve with a dollop of Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream and/or some shredded Follow Your Heard Vegan Gourmet Cheese. Sourdough bread and beer are also a nice addition!

Serves 4 Monsters, or 6 adults.


  1. Celine

    muahaha, “serves 4 monsters”! :D
    I’m bookmarking this so that I can make it for my “monster” asap. thank you for the recipe!!!!

  2. Celine

    re: the chocolate chip cookies from vegweb, they’re absolutely reliable and fun to make! all the non-vegan people who tried them are in love with them. [I never mention they're vegan, though, and told my husband to do the same, because you know how some people react to the "oh, by the way, it's vegan"...;p]

  3. Anonymous

    Lauren – OK, so I am so impressed with this site and with all of the yum yum food. The photos are awesome too. We MUST chat. Sue

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