French Toast Platter at Real Food Daily

French Toast Platter at Real Food Daily

Ah, much better. Real Food Daily on a Sunday morning with plenty of light for bloggers.

Here’s the French Toast Platter. The french toast was OK, but not great. In fact, my french toast is better, and this statement is backed up by my unbiased vegan husband. Theirs was just fine, but I think they made a poor bread choice. It just seemed sort of soggy and maybe even a little gritty. A thicker slice of sturdier bread would have been much better.

The potatoes came absolutely smothered in their cashew cheese melty sauce. The server even said, “I’m sorry, he’s not usually putting so much cheese…” when he set it down in front of me. They were pretty tasty, though. Stewart had the same potatoes sans cheese and declared them boring. The tempeh bacon was salty and bordering on too crunchy – it was nearing cardboard in terms of texture but I still ate it all.

Here is Stewart’s plate, The Weekender:

You can see the same french toast, the same tempeh bacon (peaking out in the back there), the same potatoes… The difference here was the tofu scramble that he ordered with avocados and cashew cheese. It looked a little watery and he said there were too many onions. He declared mine to be the better meal.


  1. quarrygirl

    i can’t believe i have been eating everything in sight, and i haven’t been to RFD for brunch yet! i need to go.

    BTW i would love them to put that much cheese sauce on my potatoes.

    lovely photos!

  2. Julia

    I tried RFD after several raving recommendations from a friend. Went there for lunch and was sorely disappointed – their textures are subpar and the flavors very blah ….and ugh! My sister went there another time and had the same reaction. Not sure what all the hype is about! U do get to see a lot of celebrities there though.

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